Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream Safely

Small servings of plain milk/dairy-based ice cream won't harm healthy dogs. Still high in sugar/fat so give only occasionally.  

OK In Moderation 

Chocolate contains theobromine, toxic for dogs. The sweetener xylitol can also be deadly. Keep away from these flavors.

Avoid Chocolate

Rocky road, cookie dough and candy-filled ice creams often contain raisins, nuts or sweeteners that are unsafe for dogs. 

Steer Clear of Add-Ins

For overweight, diabetic or sensitive dogs, skip ice cream. Give healthier frozen treats made for dogs instead. 

Stick To Dog Treats

Blend Greek yogurt with ripe banana chunks then freeze in popsicle molds for nutritious “ice cream” dogs can enjoy.

Plain Yogurt + Banana  

Mix peanut butter, honey and coconut milk then freeze in an ice cube tray for tasty, protein-packed frozen treats. 

Peanut Butter Honey 

To prevent tummy issues, serve only teaspoons or tablespoons of ice cream based on your dog’s size.

Serve Small Scoops   

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