How to Choose the Best Dog Food 

Ingredients, order, nutritional adequacy statements. Pick recognizable whole ingredients over byproducts.

 Dog Food Labels

 Your veterinarian can recommend an optimal food type and dietary needs based on your dog's health status.

Consult Your Vet

Puppy food supports development. Senior food is tailored for older dogs. Feed adult food formulated for proper maintenance. 

Match Food to Dog's Age

Some conditions benefit from tailor-made food like urinary or allergy formula.

Pick Food for Health Issues  

Check for recalls and don't purchase brands with a frequent history of recalls for safety.

Avoid Recent Recalls

Food must offer complete balanced nutrition. Check label meets AAFCO standards.

: Ensure Nutrient Content

Feed trial amounts of a new food. Discontinue use if signs of digestive upset or skin irritation occur.

Monitor Your Dog

Benefits of Providing Your Dog With Exercise