Safe Dog Rehoming Guide

Ensure you're ready for the commitment of rehoming a dog. Evaluate reasons and emotions, seeking professional advice if needed.

Evaluate Readiness

Research local rescues or shelters with positive reviews. Verify their practices and ensure a safe environment for your dog.

Research Rescues

Collect and organize your dog's medical records. This information is vital for potential adopters and ensures a smooth transition.

Prepare Medical Records

Craft a detailed profile highlighting your dog's personality, habits, and needs. Use engaging photos to showcase their unique qualities.

Create a Profile

Conduct thorough interviews to understand the new environment your dog may enter. Ensure compatibility with the adopter's lifestyle.

Potential Adopters

Arrange a controlled meet-and-greet between your dog and potential adopters. Observe their interactions closely.


Perform a home check to assess safety and comfort. Discuss any necessary adjustments for the well-being of your dog.

Home Check

Helpful Hints for New Dog Owners