Helpful Hints for New Dog Owners

Fully dog proof your home by removing dangers, blocking off rooms and securing chemicals/cords.

Puppy Proof 

Shop for food, bowls, beds, leashes, toys and other essentials so they’re ready when your dog arrives.

Stock Up on Supplies  

Maintain a regular schedule for feeding, walks, training and sleep right away to provide consistency.

Set a Routine

Work on socialization and basic obedience using positive reinforcement training tailored to your dog.

Train Patiently 

Teach kids safe behavior around dogs and supervise all interactions. Never leave dogs and young children alone.

Child-Dog Safety

Interview vets to find one you trust to handle exams, vaccinations and emergencies.

Find a Vet

Consider pet insurance to be prepared for vet bills for accidents, illness or injuries.

Pet Insurance  

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