Persian vs Turkish Angora Cat Breeds Key Differences

Persians have long, flowing fur requiring daily grooming. Turkish Angoras have a medium semi-long coat with weekly grooming.

Coat and Grooming  

Persians have a stocky, short-legged build. Turkish Angoras are graceful, refine, and medium in size.

Build and Size

Persians have a scrunched, snub-nosed face. Turkish Angoras have a more wedge-shaped head and large ears.

Facial Features

Persians are lower energy. Turkish Angoras are intelligent, energetic, and very agile.

Activity Levels

Persians are prone to breathing issues. Turkish Angoras have few inherent health problems as a breed.

Health Considerations

Persians are placid, quiet, and smoochy. Turkish Angoras are playful, affectionate, and love high vantage points.


The Persian is the 3rd most popular breed. The Turkish Angora is relatively rare.


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