Playtime Fun for You and Kitty

Use a laser pointer to lead your cat on an exciting chase around your home. Cats go crazy trying to catch that elusive little red dot!

Laser Pointer Chase  

Food puzzle toys make mealtime an engaging game by challenging your cat's problem solving skills.

Puzzle Feeders   

Some cats can be trained to retrieve toys. Toss mini plush mice and watch your kitty scamper after them.


Drag ribbons along the floor for your cat to stalk and pounce on. Vary directions to stimulate their predatory instinct.

Chase Ribbon   

Dispense treats or kibble from balls with small openings, so your cat has to bat them around to get the goodies out.  

Treat Balls

Incorporate vertical scratching posts into play sessions. Reward your cat with treats for using them.

Scratcher Play 

Have your cat search around the house for you or their favorite toys. Make sure to reward them upon "finding" you or the toy.

Hide And Seek 

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