Fluffiest Cat Breeds to Cuddle

With their smooshed faces peering through a thick long fur coat, Persians epitomize fluffiness. Yet grooming their glorious coat is demanding. 


America's native longhair, Maine Coons have shaggy medium-long fur with a dense undercoat protecting against harsh weather.

Maine Coon

Hardy Norwegian Forest cats carry water resistant dense fur perfectly adapted for the cold. Their fluffy britches and tail are stunning.


Hailing from Russia, Siberians have a triple coat including protective guard hairs covering a wooly underlayer that thickens in winter.


Affectionate and gentle Ragdolls are a semi-longhaired breed with incredibly soft, silky fur in a variety of pointed patterns and colors.


An ancient Turkish breed, the Angora is believed progenitors of longhaired breeds. Their medium long fur softly flows over their graceful bodies. 

Turkish Angora 

American Curls have uniquely curled back ears nested in medium-long fur. Their coats shine with minimal grooming needed thanks to low oiliness.

American Curl

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