Pet Health Myths It's Time to Stop Believing

Dogs see some color, just not as vividly. Their vision is similar to red-green color blindness in humans.

Dogs See in Black & White  

Cats don't always land upright. Short falls don't give time to orient. Injury is still possible.

Cats Always Land on Feet

The 7:1 year ratio is inaccurate. Dogs mature faster at first then level off. It’s not linear.  

7 Human Years

Raw food has risks like pathogenic bacteria. Talk to your vet before switching to a raw diet.

Raw Diets are Best

Grains don't cause allergies. Dogs are commonly allergic to proteins like chicken, beef, dairy, eggs.

Grain-Free Food Prevents 

 Adult dogs and puppies thrive on twice daily feedings. One meal can increase risk of bloat.

 Should Eat Once a Day

Most pets are lactose intolerant after weaning. Milk can cause digestive upset.

Milk is Good 

How to Understand Dog’s Body Language