How to Understand Dog's Body Language

 Soft eyes, loose mouth are calming signals. Ears up and forward show interest.

Relaxed Face 

Loose muscles and wiggly, fluid movements indicate comfort. Tense muscles signal stress.

Relaxed Body

 Lip licking, yawning, shaking off are calming signals. Panting, snapping suggest arousal.  

 Mouth Signals

Erect forward ears show engagement. Ears flat back signals anger/fear.

Ear Position 

Happy fast wags fan out. Slow, stiff wags indicate aggression or anxiety.

Tail Wagging 

Dog rolling belly up is being submissive. Never punish this appeasement gesture. 

Rolling Over

Front legs down, hind end up invites play. It's a dog's way to start friendly interaction.

 Play Bows

Signs Your Dog Needs More Exercise