ow to Prepare Your Dog for Being Home Alone

Puppies learn independence by starting alone time in small increments first. Slowly build duration.

Start Young  

Ensure your dog gets plenty of exercise beforehand so they rest while you're gone.

 Pre-Departure Walk

Provide puzzle toys, chews, food dispensers to keep your dog engaged and comforted.

 Enrichment Activities

Sticking to regular feeding and walk times adds predictability for your dog when alone.

Maintain Routines  

 Use words like "I'll be back" as you leave so they associate the phrase with your return.

 Departure Cues

Avoid emotional prolonged goodbyes. Exit calmly and quietly.

Manage Visible Departures

 Build alone time gradually from minutes to hours as your dog learns to tolerate it.

Start with Short Absences

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