Norwegian Forest Cats The Wooly Vikings

Fanciful myths suggest Norwegian Forests descended from cats of Norse goddess Freya. More likely Viking ships transported them from Far East


Abundant semi-longhair coat insulates against cold moisture. Longer ruff frames head. Seasonal undercoat manages temperatures. 


Large sturdy build with barrel chests and muscular haunches enabling agility climbers. Alert triangular ears.


Gentle, friendly with new people. Coexist fine with other pets when respectfully introduced. Less vocal than oriental breeds. Intelligent problem-solvers. 


Beyond regular combing, minimal grooming required. Annual teeth cleanings advised watching for periodontal disease. 


Robust breed yet genetic testing screens for glycogen storage disease IV and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy before breeding.


For fairy tale allure wrapped in a loving loyal persona, the Norwegian Forest cat delivers mythic whimsy rooted in reality.  

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