Why Cornish Rex Cats Resemble Mini Greyhounds

Cornish Rex traces a spontaneous mutation in Cornwall, Britain in 1950s of a curly-coated kitten named Kallibunker


Coat consists of soft, extremely curly fur lacking guard hairs that sheds minimally. Even whiskers curl tightly.

Coat & Whiskers

Narrow heads rest atop long, graceful necks and tubular bodies with slender limbs reminiscent of Italian greyhounds.


Intelligent, exceedingly playful and acrobatic. Thrive on climbing, springing and investigating new things. 


Shed minimally but oils quickly saturate sparse fur requiring weekly bathing to avoid skin issues. Check ears, trim nails and brush teeth routinely.


Expected to live 12-15 years with attentive indoor care, high-quality diet, exercise via interactive play, diligent healthcare, spay/neuter


For those captivated by their elf-like ears, scruffy coats and energetic yet charming personalities

Winning Whimsy 

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