Most Spotted Dog Breeds

No breed carries the spotted mantle quite like the iconic Dalmatian with black or liver speckles on gleaming white.  


Friendly, freckled Springer Spaniels wear rich liver & white ticks like subdued Dalmatian spots.

English Springer Spaniels

Hallmarked by their distinct red speckled fur, Australian Cattle Dog "Heelers" are born to herd.

Australian Cattle Dogs  

Showing liver, black or roan spots, the merry English Cocker is an upbeat spotted sporting breed.  

English Cocker Spaniels

Though solid gold overall, Vizslas often have a single dot near their tail tip - a "kiss mark" from God per myth!

Hungarian Vizslas

This rugged Israeli herder features white tipped hairs sprinkled across red fur with black accents.   

Canaan Dogs

Pembroke Welsh Corgis usually show sparsely flecked red fur and may have a distinct shoulder flash.   

Welsh Corgis

The Most Courageous Dog Breeds