The Most Courageous Dog Breeds

Renowned police and military dogs, German Shepherds will bravely stand their ground to confront almost any threat.  

German Shepherds 

Boxers rank among the top guarding breeds, courageously putting themselves in jeopardy to save family members


With fierce loyalty and no fear, Dobermans have been known to stave off intruder attacks and lethal snake bites.   


Historically known as butchers' mastiffs, Rotties make intrepid watchdogs and defenders despite their bad rep.


Pit Bulls often make headlines for courageously rescuing people from assaults, fires and storms.


An ancient Japanese guardian breed, fearless Akitas will take on almost any predator threatening their family or home.  


Bold Belgian Malinois serve around the world in policing and war zones detecting bombs, guarding troops and more.   

Belgian Mals  

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