Most Protective Dog Breeds  

Herding legacy makes Shepherds value their family as the flock to keep watch over with devotion while their strength and teeth deter attackers.

German Shepherd  

Territorial protectors use imposing size and reflexes to knock intruders off balance and their vice-like bite as a last resort if owners are threatened.


Loyal companions have fierce reputation thanks to wariness of strangers, muscular capacity, lightning speed and key role as estate guardians throughout history.

Doberman Pinscher   

Boundless bravery and alertness to any danger facing their household combined with an athletic build for defense bolsters Boxer’s protection talents.


This formidable defender uses sheer bulk to pin intruders down without injury and intimidating bark to scare predators yet is docile with family.   


Terrier tenacity shows in this primitive breed’s automatic defense response shielding individuals they identify as belonging to their clan.   


Don't be fooled by their medium-size — their work as military and police K9s proves Belgian Malinois will go to the wall protecting owners.   

Belgian Malinois

Top Police Dog Breeds