Most Popular Grey Cat Breeds

With a distinctive blue-grey coat, Russian Blues are known as the archetypal grey cat. They are playful, loyal and attach strongly to owners.  

Russian Blue

Calm, affectionate British Shorthairs come in a “British Blue” coat though over 200 color/pattern variations exist. Their fur is plush and dense.

British Shorthair  

Chartreux have beautiful water-resistant grey fur with orange or copper eyes. They tend to be quiet, gentle, and tolerant of handling.


Korats are an ancient Thai breed with a unique blue coat with each hair tipped in silver. They form strong bonds with their chosen person.


Nebelungs have long flowing grey fur with green or yellow-green eyes. They are playful, active, and bond closely with their families.  


A colorpoint Siamese with grey fur, bluepoints retain typical Siamese vocalization and extroverted personalities.  

Bluepoint Siamese 

Occasionally Norwegian Forest Cats present as grey or skogkatt. Their coat is semi-long and dense. Most are loving lap cats.

Norwegian Forest  

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