Maine Coon Cats vs Average House Cats

Maine Coons are much larger than regular cats. Males can surpass 25 pounds! Regular cats average 8-12 pounds fully grown.


Known for lush semi-long fur, Maine Coons have water resistant double coats unlike domestic shorthairs. The texture also differs.


While most domestic cats are independent, Maine Coons form exceptionally strong bonds with their owners. They tend to be gentle giants.  


Heart disease and joint issues may impact Maine Coon lifespan more than other cats. Regular vet checks are important.


Large and athletic Maine Coons require more intensive play and activity than many standard cats. Puzzle toys are great.  


The Maine Coon's glorious fur requires thorough weekly brushing to minimize tangles and mats. Normal cats need less grooming.


Quality protein is important for Maine Coons when feeding. Their large size demands more calories than average cats require.   


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