Most Loyal, Affectionate, and Friendly Cat Breeds

Known as "puppy-like" cats. Extremely affectionate, relaxed, enjoy being held. Bond strongly with their family. Great for first-time cat owners.


Vocal, outgoing, and crave human interaction. Form intense bonds with one person. Smart, playful, and love to be involved in family activities.


Gentle giants of the cat world. Known for their superior intelligence, friendliness andoutgoing nature. Take well to other pets and children

Maine Coons

Sweet-tempered, loyal and cuddle-loving. Thrive on human contact and lap time due to their body warmth needs. Get along with everyone.


Affectionate lap cats that enjoys receiving attention. Sweet, laid-back personalities. Generally tolerant of handling and being petted.


Intelligent, curious and depend deeply on human companionship. Often walk on leashes and play fetch. Need lots of interactive playtime.


Loyal, patient, friendly. Adapts well to other pets and children. Loves climbing and playing. Has dog-like devotion to family.

Norwegian Forest 

Facts About the Adorable Munchkin Cat Breed