Most Affectionate Cats to Cuddle and Snuggle

Known as puppy-like, ragdolls love snuggling in laps. With a relaxed temperament, they become putty in hands seeking fur to pet.


Fluffy and beautiful, Persians bond closely with their preferred people. Sweet and gentle, they enjoy being fussed over while sitting calmly.


Vocal and energetic, Siamese cats form strong attachments to "their" humans. They frequently wish to be involved in whatever their owners are doing.


Among the largest domestic cat breeds, Maine Coons tend to possess a mild mannered and loving disposition. 

Maine Coon

Sometimes referred to as the “sacred cat of Burma," Birmans have a long coat and adoring gaze. They seek the company of their special people.


A friendly cross between Siamese and Burmese cats, Tonkinese enjoy following their chosen humans from room to room. 


Used to harsh weather, Norwegian Forest cats formed close bonds with families for warmth and companionship. 

Norwegian Forest  

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