Most Silent and Calm Dog Breeds

Basenjis stand out among dog breeds for barely barking, but can make other odd vocal noises when excited. 


Known for rarely barking without good reason, French Bulldogs have a very mellow, relaxed temperament making them one of the quieter breeds.

French Bulldog 

Sweet, gentle and extremely lazy indoors make Greyhounds ideal dogs for quiet households. They are very peaceful when not racing.


Massive but extremely calm and docile, Saint Bernards are gentle giants that live peacefully and quietly without chaotic energy.  

Saint Bernards

Whippets are reserved with strangers but quiet and astonishingly lazy once settled at home. They sleep excessively and need minimal exercise.


Independent and not overly excitable, the Shiba Inu rarely barks meaningfully and enjoys being clean, calm and relaxing at home. 

Shiba Inu   

Easygoing Basset Hounds are very mellow and quiet dogs that prefer napping, eating and occasional scent tracking over high energy play.

Basset Hound

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