Keeping Pets Safe and Healthy in Summer

Invest in cooling vests, mats, bandanas and grooming products to prevent overheating.

 Use Cooling Products  

Avoid walking pets during peak heat times to reduce chances of heat stroke.

Walk Early or Late

Ensure pets have constant access to fresh, cool water both indoors and outdoors.

Provide Plenty of Water

Let pets spend the hottest parts of the day inside in well air-conditioned areas.

Allow Access Indoors

Ensure pavement, sand and other surfaces won't burn paws before letting pets walk on them.  

Check Hot Surfaces  

Regularly groom out shedding winter coats so pets don't overheat.

Brush Out Winter Coats

Never leave pets waiting in hot vehicles and travel during cooler parts of the day.

Limit Vehicle Time

Interpreting Your Dog’s Unique Sleeping Styles