Interpreting Your Dog's Unique Sleeping Styles 

 Dogs who sleep balled up are soothing themselves, showing submission, or coping with pain, stress or anxiety.

Curled Up Tight  

Confident, relaxed and trusting dogs sleep on their backs with their belly exposed.

On Their Back  

 Pups who sleep pressed against you bond with and rely on you for safety and warmth.

Touching You

Deeply sleeping dogs may sleep in goofy, awkward looking positions without regard for comfort.

 Funny Positions 

Dogs burrowed under blankets or in small hidden spaces feel the need for extra security.

Burrowed in Covers

Frequent position shifting indicates discomfort from arthritis, illness, anxiety or temperature.

Restless Sleep 

Increased daytime sleeping may signal boredom, depression or a health issue in dogs.

Excessive Daytime Sleep 

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