How To Wash Your Dog

Have dog shampoo, towels, brush, cotton balls, washcloth and treats ready before bathing.

Gather Supplies

Pick a spot indoors or outdoors and lay down towels or a mat to avoid slipping.

:Prep the Area

Use a detachable shower head or cup to wet your dog's fur before applying shampoo.

 Wet Your Dog

Apply a small amount of formulated dog shampoo and work into a foamy lather.

 Lather Up 

Rinse all traces of shampoo away, avoiding your dog's eyes and ears.

Rinse Thoroughly 

Pat dry with towels, absorbing excess water to avoid chill. Use a blow dryer on low if needed.

Dry Completely 

Give treats and praise during and after washing so your dog associates bath time positively.  

Reward Good Behavior

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