How Long Dogs Can Stay In Crates Safely

2 hours max, with potty/play breaks. Pups have limited bladder control and get restless fast.

Puppies Under 6 Months

Can go 4 hours at most as they gain control. Still require much activity and interaction.  

Older Puppies 

Able to last 6-8 hours but daily walks, play and bonding time are still vital.

Healthy Adults   

Shouldn't be crated more than 4 hours. Require bathroom access and stretching.


Slowly build tolerance but don't exceed ability. Look for signs of distress.

Add Gradual Conditioning  

Add safe chew toys to prevent boredom or anxiety when crating for longer times.  

Enrich the Crate  

Open crate every few hours for bathroom and activity breaks to maintain conditioning.

Give Potty

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