How Cold Weather Impacts Your Dog's Health 

Dogs can lose core body heat quickly in cold weather especially with wetness or wind.

Body Heat Loss

Young, small and short-haired dogs face higher risk of dangerous hypothermia in the cold.

 Hypothermia Risk 

Extremities like tails, ears, paws and noses are prone to painful frostbite outdoors.

Frostbite Danger

Ice melt products on paws can cause dryness, cracking, irritation or poisoning risk if ingested.

 Salt and Chemicals

Don't over-exercise your dog in cold temps as they can overheat. Watch for signs of distress.

 Exercise Caution

Bring outdoor dogs inside more and make sure they have insulated, dry bedding.

 Seek Warmth

Limit time outside and watch closely for shivering, whining, slowing down. 

Monitor Time

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