Help Your Dog Love Being Petted With These Tips  

Gently pet small areas like their shoulder or chest at first. Go slowly to avoid overwhelming them.

Start Slowly  

Reward with treats while petting so they associate touch with good things. Praise calmly too.

Give Treats  

Note areas your dog enjoys being pet - chest, ears, chin. Focus there and continue rewarding.

Find Sweet Spots

Gradually increase petting duration as your dog relaxes into it. Keep rewarding and praising.

Increase Duration

Make short, calm petting sessions part of your regular routine. Consistency builds comfort with touch.

Practice Daily  

Speak softly and soothingly when petting. This further reinforces it's a pleasant experience.

Use Soothing Tones

If your dog seems uncomfortable, stop and try again later. Look for signs of relaxation like lip licking.

Watch For Signs  

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