Teach Your Dog To Fetch Objects With These Tips

Start training with irresistible treats like chicken, cheese, or hot dogs to get your dog's attention. Make sure they're hungry enough to be motivated.

Use High Value Treats

When your dog shows interest in an object, say "get it!" and reward with a treat when they pick it up. Capture and reward this behavior.  

Capture When They Pick Up

Hold an object near your dog's nose, say "get it" and wave slightly. Reward with treat when they take it from your hand.

Wave Object

After success up close, throw object a short distance. Reward with treats and praise when they retrieve it. Gradually increase distance.

Increase Distance

Say "fetch" when throwing the object. After successes, phase out treats and just offer praise. Use fetch as their cue to retrieve.

Use Fetch Command

Generalize the skill by practicing with different types of objects - balls, ropes, toys etc. Reward your dog each time.


Teach your dog to hold the object until you say "release" or "give." Reward when they let go on command.

Add A Release Cue  

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