Dwelf Cats Sphynx Meets Curl

A serendipitous pairing of a Sphynx and American Curl in early 2000s produced surprise Dwelf kittens spurring intentional development of the new breed.


Like Sphynx appear nearly bald with fine downy covering on body, large upright ears and protuberant eyes. 


Medium sized muscular build. Expressive eyes range blue, green, gold or odd. Variety skin colors like black, white, red or calico.


Intelligent, extremely social and affectionate. Thrive on companionship and physical contact. Love to play fetch and learn tricks.


Requires same climate control, sunscreen and weekly bathing as Sphynx to prevent skin issues. Check ears and teeth routinely. 


Quite rare, expect to pay $1000+ from the few specialized ethical breeders available.

Price & Breeders

For experienced owners captivated by their unusual mien, Dwelf cats promise exceptionally quirky yet rewarding companions.

Unique Yet Demanding  

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