Don't Make These Mistakes at the Veterinarian 

Arriving late stresses the staff and throws off the schedule. Leave early to ensure you're on time.

Being Late

Yelling won't get you seen faster. Be patient and understanding if waits occur.

Getting Angry

Ask about estimates beforehand so you can prepare for expenses. Don't haggle at checkout.

Ignoring Costs 

Follow your vet's vaccine schedule to protect your pet and others from contagious diseases.

Skipping Shots

Disclose all of your pet's symptoms and concerns so your vet can provide proper care. 

Hiding Issues

 Leash your dog and keep your cat in a carrier to prevent them from escaping or harming others

Letting Pets Roam

Bring wipes and bags to immediately clean up if your pet has an accident indoors.  

Messy Cleanup

How to Build Your Own Dog Kennel