How to Build Your Own Dog Kennel 

Pick a dry, level spot in your yard with good drainage and partial shade for your dog's comfort.

Choose a Location

You'll need treated lumber, plywood, metal roofing panels, concrete, hardware cloth, nails, and paint or stain.

Gather Supplies

Construct a sturdy frame from 2x4s for the walls and floor. Make sure to include a sloped roof for rain runoff.

Build the Frame

Use plywood to enclose the walls while allowing for ventilation. Hang a gate for easy entry and exit.

Add the Walls 

Fasten corrugated metal roofing panels over the frame to provide weather protection.

Install the Roof

Pour a concrete floor for durability or use treated plywood sealed against moisture.

 Add the Floor

Customize with a dog door, windows, insulation, lighting, bedding, bowls and other accessories.

 Include Amenities  

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