Dogs Least Likely To Wander Off

Beagles form close bonds with their people, leading them to stay nearby even when their nose takes over during walks.  


These gentle giants want nothing more than the comforts of home and family making it unusual for them to wander.

Bernese Mt. Dog   

Bostons' affectionate nature and short travel radius means they won't roam far if they slip out.  

Boston Terrier

Tiny as they are, most Chihuahuas have such big hearts for their humans they'll keep very close.


Independent but very territorial, Chows are highly unlikely to leave their perceived home boundaries.  


Slow moving and phlegmatic, English Bulldogs will plop down quickly when tired rather than roaming off.

English Bulldog

French Bulldogs have little endurance or interest in wandering far from their beloved owners.  


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