Cairn Terrier Facts Most Don't Know

The Cairn Terrier originated on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, where they hunted vermin hiding among the rocky cairns.   

Island Do

As working terriers, Cairns love to dig and still retain strong chasing instincts today despite their small size.  

Working Terrier  

The 1939 movie featured a female Cairn Terrier playing Toto - though Toto was supposed to be male in the books!

Wizard of Oz Fame  

For a terrier, Cairns shed comparatively little, making them easier for allergy sufferers to be around.   

Less Shedding  

Cairn Terriers adjust well to living just about anywhere - city apartments, suburban homes or rural farms.   

Easily Adaptable

Smart and confident, these feisty small dogs will constantly test boundaries if you don't show strong leadership.   

Independent Thinkers

Built for scrambling and digging, Cairns are very fast, agile dogs able to twist and turn on a dime.  

Short Legged  Speed  

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