Choosing Right Dog Breed 

Consider your activity level and pick a dog breed that matches to ensure proper exercise & prevent destructive behavior.

Activity Level   

Take into account the size of your home and yard when selecting a dog breed best suited to your square footage.

Space Available

If issues with dog hair, dander or grooming bother you, choose breeds marketed as low-shedding or even hypoallergenic. 

Shedding Tolerance 

Realistically assess how much daily activity & attention you can provide when picking breed based on their exercise, training & social needs.

Time Commitment

Families with very young kids do best with extremely tolerant breeds who enjoy rough play without nipping.  

Age Matters

First-time owners should start with an agreeable, eager-to-please breed without high exercise/training demands.   

Pet Experience  

Decide which temperament aligns best to your lifestyle: playful, laidback, affectionate, independent or highly trainable.  

Personality Pref  

Traveling Long Distance Safely with Dogs