Do Dogs and Puppies Get Hiccups?

Gulping food or water too quickly can lead to swallowing air resulting in hiccups. Use slow feed bowls.

Eating Too Fast  

Intense emotions can trigger hiccups in dogs. Help high strung dogs learn to stay calm.

Excitement & Stress  

 Very hot or cold water and food is thought to potentially irritate the diaphragm causing hiccups. 

Temperature Extremes  

 Inhaled irritants like smoke, dust or chemical fumes may trigger hiccup episodes. 

Respiratory Irritants  

 Lightly rub or compress dog's throat to potentially interrupt the spasmodic hiccup reflex.

Gentle Massage  

Stop water for up to 20 minutes then resume slowly. This may reset diaphragm rhythm.

Withhold Water  

Seek medical advice if hiccups persist over a day or cause distress like gagging or vomiting

Visit the Vet  

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