Can Dogs Really See Well in the Dark?

The retina contains more rods than cones allowing dogs to pick up more detail in darkness.

 More Rods

This reflective layer behind the retina amplifies light helping dogs see in conditions up to 5 times dimmer than people

Tapetum Lucidum 

Dog pupils dilate significantly to allow more light in when dark. Cats' pupils dilate even wider

Wide Pupils  

Dogs detect moving objects better than still ones in the dark due to retinal ganglion cell adaptation

Motion Detection   

Dogs see color during the day, but lose color vision in darkness, seeing only black, white and gray

Color Vision Loss

Sighthounds like Greyhounds have superior night vision compared to breeds like Pugs with bulging eyes

Vary By Breed  

Don't allow dogs to run off leash at night - it's harder for cars to see and avoid them in darkness.

Protect Eyes   

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