Tips for Picking the Best Dog Food for Your Pup

 Ensure whole, natural ingredients with identifiable protein sources. Avoid by-products, artificial additives.

 Review Ingredients  

Guaranteed Analysis should meet AAFCO standards for key nutrients dogs require. 

Analyze Nutrient Analysis  

Make sure calorie levels match your dog’s needs based on age, activity level, and size.

Evaluate Calorie Content

 Stick to brands with a history of quality control and transparent sourcing.

Research Brand Reputation 

Food labels must state the food meets AAFCO standards for canine nutrition.

 Check Nutritional Adequacy 

Factor in your dog's age, breed size, health issues and preferences when selecting food.

Consider Your Dog's Needs

Higher quality foods have better ingredients and nutrition than cheap brands.

Focus on Quality First

Ingredients to Look for in a Nutritious Dog Food