Crate Training Tactics for Puppies and Adult Dogs

Gradually introduce the crate to avoid overwhelming pups. Short, positive sessions are most effective.  

Go Slow

Encourage your dog into the crate with treats, praise and toys, never force them inside against their will.

Lure In  

Feed your dog all meals inside the open crate to build positive associations.

Feed Meals   

Add a comfy bed, toys & chews to create a welcoming, den-like environment inside the crate.

Make Cozy  

As your dog relaxes in the crate with door open, practice briefly closing door while treats are inside.  

Close Slowly   

Use special high-value treats ONLY for crate time to reinforce calm crate behavior.  

Reward Calmness

Gradually build up peaceful crate time in short sessions, so dogs don't get restless or distressed.

Short Stints

Picking Perfect Dog Toys