Picking Perfect Dog Toys 

Consider your dog's size before buying. Make sure toys are not small enough to swallow.

Breed Size  

Avoid toys with loose parts, stuffing or plastic pieces that can break off and choke your dog.

Safety First

Puppies need softer plush toys. Adults need very durable chew toys made for powerful jaws.  

Age Matters

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, choose extra durable rubber or nylon toys that resist damage.

Power Chewers

Fetch-loving dogs need exciting chase & retrieve toys like balls, discs & squeakers to keep them occupied.

Fetch Fun  

Prolong play and challenge your dog's brain with treat-dispensing puzzle toys.

Keep Busy

Regularly check for damage in dog toys and replace torn, broken or worn toys for your dog's safety.  

Replace Often 

Summer Safety for Dogs