Correcting Dog Behavior Problems 

Use treats and praise to reward quiet behavior. Also ensure your dog gets sufficient exercise and mental stimulation.  


Provide tempting chew toys and rotate regularly to relieve boredom. Use bitter deterrent sprays on off-limit items.


Designate an acceptable digging area in your yard. Block off problem areas. Ensure your dog gets enough exercise.


Turn and stand still when your dog jumps, ignoring them until all 4 paws are on the floor. Then praise.

Jumping Up

Avoid emotional greetings/goodbyes. Give them a puzzle toy when leaving to associate alone time with good things.  

Separation Anxiety

Use reward-based training, stopping when they pull and rewarding for loose leash walking. Consider no-pull harnesses.

Pulling on Leash  

Train a solid “leave it” command. Don’t feed from the table. Use baby gates to keep them out during meals.  

Stealing Food 

Playtime Fun for You and Kitty