Cat Breeds With Stunning Blue-Grey Colored 

The Russian Blue is renowned for its plush blue-grey coat in a unique slate hue. It's what gives the breed its name.

Russian Blue

British Shorthairs come in a "blue" coat that ranges from pale lavender-grey to a richer slate blue grey.

British Shorthair

Korats have a short silver-blue coat with each hair tipped in black, creating a shimmery effect.


Chartreux have a medium-long water-resistant double coat in various shades of greyish-blue.


The Nebelung has a dense medium-length blue fur coat with silver-tipped guard hairs for a shimmery look.


Javanese cats, cousins of the Balinese, come in a "blue" color which appears as a silver-grey.


Burmillas are known for their plush, silvery blue coats mottled with shades of charcoal grey.


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