Most Popular Cat Breeds With Stunning Blue Eyes 

One of the first breeds associated with blue eyes. Siamese often have a deep sapphire blue eye color as kittens. 


Ragdolls are famous for their bright baby blue eyes. Pointed pattern cats will retain their blue eyes throughout life.


Russian Blues have vivid green-blue eyes that stand out against their plush grey-blue coats. It's a breed signature.

Russian Blue

British Shorthairs with a colorpoint pattern tend to have striking blue eyes that complement their coat.

British Shorthair

Birmans have beautiful sapphire blue eyes. It's a breed standard for their medium-long fur pointed pattern.


Himalayans, also known as Colorpoint Persians, often inherit a strong blue eye color with their signature coat.


Tonkinese kittens are born with aqua blue eyes. Eye color develops into aquamarine as they mature.


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