Building Your Own Dog House 

Basic sloped roof design using plywood or salvaged barn boards. Add insulation, shingles, door flap.  

Classic Wooden 

Convert an old armoire or cabinet into a stylish little home. Just cut entrance and ventilation holes.  

Upcycled Cabinet

Use free pallets as ready building blocks. Screw together and add waterproof covering like tarp.   

Pallet Protect

Stack straw bales to form three walls. Add waterproof roof. Great for farm dogs.

Hut From Hay Bales

Transform a plastic crate into a den; cut entrance and add blanket overstuffed with cedar chips or hay.  

Cushy Crate Pad  

Attach insulated floor and roof to chainlink cage frame for instant shelter. Customize to fit space.

Upgraded Dog Cage 

Build small slanted overhang against a building using treated lumber and shingles.

Mini Lean-To  

Dog Training Collar Types