Dog Training Collar Types

Most common style with adjustable buckle or snap closure. Use for ID tags. Size correctly to prevent choking.  

Flat Collars

Tightens snugly around neck when leash pressure applied, preventing escapes. Good for training.

Martingale Collars  

Metallic prong links apply pressure to neck to deter pulling on leash. Controversial but effective.

Pinch/Prong Collars   

Wraps around chest rather than neck, gentler deterrent to leash pulling using sensation, not pain.

No-Pull Harnesses

Deliver vibration, sound, or shock remote stimulation for reinforcements. Require proper conditioning.

Electronic Collars

Safety feature releases with sufficient force to prevent choking accidents when snagged.

Breakaway Collars

Direct control of head movements for maximum handling of strong pullers. Take care fitting.

Head Collars/Halters

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