Adopting A Dog From A Shelter  

Shelter staff have valuable history on health, behavior and needs. Get insight into best home match based on lifestyle.  

Ask Questions   

Realistically assess activity levels, experience handling dogs to pick the right temperament and age.  

Consider Age & Energy  

Puppy-proof dangers, create safe spaces, gather supplies like bed, bowls, collar ensuring secure environment.  

Prepare Home 

Mimic shelter schedule initially for feeding, walks, playtime and downtime to ease the transition adjusting slowly.   

Set a Routine  

Give at least 2 weeks minimum for adopted dog to fully settle and feel secure before introducing to visitors or outings.  

Patience Adapting   

Register microchip, ensure all medical records, adoption contracts and licenses are fully transferred for identification.

Proper ID & Paperwork

Slowly transition shelter dog onto new high quality diet over 7-10 days to avoid gastrointestinal upset.   

Adjust Diet Gradually   

Caring For A Newly Rescued Dog