Caring For A Newly Rescued Dog  

Schedule a vet exam to uncover medical issues, determine age, vaccinate, deworm, test for heartworms and treat any conditions urgently.  

Vet Health Check  

Be patient earning an abandoned dogs trust through routine, gentle handling, secure spaces and minimal stress interactions.  

Gradually Build Trust 

Check for an existing microchip, collar tags or owners searching. Register as the new caregiver for documentation.  

ID & Register 

Feed high quality food small, frequent meals initially with constant access to fresh water supporting recovery.

Proper Nutrition & Hydration  

Brushing, bathing and nail trims removes painful mats or debris helping beloved new pet feel relaxed.  

Groom for Comfort  

Offer an enclosed, comfortable area that feels like a den for frightened dogs to retreat to if overwhelmed. 

Create a Safe Space  

Introduce toys, training and games increasing coping skills, confidence and bonding daily once settled.  

Stimulate the Mind

How To Assess Your Dog’s Body Condition Score