8 Ways to Make Any Cat Love You

Letting a cat sniff you allows them to become familiar with your scent on their terms, which helps them feel more comfortable with you.

Let Them Sniff 

Offering tasty treats when you approach is a positive reinforcement that will pique their interest and make them eager to spend time with you

Give Treats

Stroke cats slowly so they can choose to move away if they dislike a particular type of touching to avoid chasing them off

Pet Gentl

Engage aloof cats with games like chasing laser pointers or trailing cat toys on strings to get them positively stimulated and associated with you.  

Play Games

For most cats, rolling around in or chewing catnip releases endorphins that elicits positive emotions they'll associate with you.  

Offer Catnip

Don't overwhelm cats with too much unwanted cuddling or restraint, which can cause them to avoid interactions. 

Avoid Overhandling

Gentle brushing feels good and leaves their scent on the brush, helping create positive grooming associations.

Brush Their Fur 

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