Why Do Cats Yowl When Mating

Unspayed female cats loudly yowl and scream to attract mates when they enter their heat cycles, which can start from 4 months of age.

Female Heat

Male cats fiercely compete for breeding rights. They yowl threats, chase, and even engage in violent fights with other toms in the area.

Competing Males

Loud mating screams can indicate pain or discomfort, as the male cat grasps the female's neck skin during copulation.

Mating Pain

The mating tie, where cats are locked together for up to an hour after sex, may elicit distressed meows from one or both partners.

After Mating 

In the later stages of pregnancy, female cats may yowl loudly as they search for nesting sites to prepare for impending labor.


Female cats experiencing a false pregnancy after heat may demonstrate maternal nesting behaviors like loud vocalizations.

False Pregnancy

Spaying females before first heat and neutering males eliminates mating behaviors like yowling fights and distressing copulation screams.

Neutering Benefits

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