7 Ways to Comfort Your Dog While Flying

Let your dog hang out in their airline approved carrier prior to the trip to get comfortable being inside it.

Familiarize Carrier  

Take them on a long vigorous walk before boarding to tire them out for sleeping during the flight.

Exhaust Your Dog

Speak to your vet about anti-anxiety medications, herbal treatments or calming sprays to use pre-flight.

Use Calming Aids

Don't give a big meal right before flying which could cause nausea or a need to defecate mid-flight.

Feed Lightly  

Include a worn t-shirt with your scent or special treat chews to make their crate feel safe.

Comforting Crate Items  

Remain calm and upbeat so your dog feeds off your confidence about travel.

Stay Positive  

Take short drives with your dog crated in the car to get them comfortable being confined.

Practice Runs  

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