7 Mistakes To Avoid When Adopting a Dog 

Move your dog in gradually over several days vs all at once to prevent shock and shutdown. Take it slow.

Rushing the Transition  

Slowly introduce your new dog to current pets and family members to prevent territorial issues.

Skipping Introductions

Give your dog several weeks to settle in and build confidence. Have patience with initial quirks.

No Adjustment Period  

Confine your new dog until potty trained and comfortable. Too much freedom too fast causes accidents.

 Immediate Freedom  

 Maintain the shelter's schedule. Slowly transition food and introduce change to avoid shocking the digestive tract.  

Dramatic Changes  

Don't overwhelm your dog with meeting tons of new people and new places initially. Build up slowly.

Too Much Too Soon

Adopted dogs need more work and patience. Assume nothing and positively train desired behaviors.

Unrealistic Expectations

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