7 Tips to Curb Problem Barking

Determine triggers like boredom, anxiety, territorialness, or wanting attention. Management will depend on why they bark.

Identify Cause

Close curtains and blinds to reduce visual triggers of people or animals passing by.

Block View 

Deter barking with unpleasant but humane high-frequency noise from sonic training aid.

Use a Sonic Training Aid

Citronella or unscented spray collars detect barks and give a startling but harmless spray.

Try a Spray Collar

Interrupt barking and redirect dog's attention to toys, training, or exercise.

Distract and Redirect

Use positive reinforcement to teach and reward a "quiet" command to hush barking. 

 Teach Quiet Command

Use white noise from TV, radio, or fan to mask outside noises that trigger barking

Block Noise  

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